2015 Digital Recruitment Marketing Trends

2015 Digital Recruitment Marketing Trends

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As more recruiters are becoming digital savvy so has the need to be at the forefront of trends as they evolve. Take some time out to get up to speed with what 2015 digitally has in store for you and incorporate these trends into your business marketing.


Take a look at what they are:


  • Digital Recruitment

    This refers to using any online method to recruit digitally which includes social media and all or any of the different social networks required to achieve goals.


  • Mobile Content

    Focus on shifting from traditional and average web standards and offer exceptional career centered information that is easily accessed via any mobile device. Most initial candidate experiences will be attained via mobile through content delivery.


  • Video Marketing and Employer Branding

    Companies will use video to demonstrate employer ethos and benefits of working with them to attract candidates.


  • Online Communities

    The jewels in the crown will be to engage, nurture and grow all online communities especially in the traditional social networks using content delivery and conversation to influence mind-sets.


  • Brand Ambassadorship

    Employees are ideal brand ambassadors. Select yours, at least two people and use their online profiles which are another brand touch point. Utilise them well.


  • Marketing Partnership

    Recruiters need to partner with their marketing providers to create outstanding and valuable digitally provided content that will keep them in candidates and clients thoughts.


We have reached an era of absolute content overload, therefore to “shine like a diamond” you need to be exceptional and give all or nothing. Remember that social networks are becoming the preferred channels for promoting a talent brand and for sourcing. To achieve talent acquisition in 2015 you need to be active where your passive and active candidates are.


Be interesting and consistently add value – with that combination you cannot go wrong.


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My passion and dedication to the industry has inspired wide transformation where companies have adopted the “social business” mind-set and key online-strategies being incorporated as a tool to offer more value to their target-audiences whilst creating high visibility for themselves.
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