Digital channels

Digital Channels

Did your eyeballs just roll? Did you just make a sigh? Lol. If you did, that’s just a typical response to how most people think about the laborious process of content creation for your website, your blog, and your social media pages. It needn’t be like this though. Content should be fun.

Think of your content being your voice in different settings. When sitting at a Board Room table, your language and choice of words will be far different than when sitting around a campfire telling tales. In digital marketing each platform you use to promote, market, and sell yourself is different. So, if you use the same voice, adopt the same tone, and carry over the same text to each platform … that just won’t cut it!

So, what is the secret to writing great content that will hit the nail on the head for each of your digital marketing platforms, every time?


Writing Content for Social Media

On Facebook, you will want to have something short, shareable, and action-oriented. Keep text minimal, just enough to make your point. Truth is people scroll down their feeds, and stop only at interesting pictures that stick out! Most people haven’t the time or diligence to read it all. So, liven it up with posts you yourself would share and compliment your text with suitable pictures. They love pictures! Use conversational graphics or images.

Make your text – your content – conversational. Ask questions, ask them to perform actions, give them links to more info, use emoticons. Whatever your content, you want to spark conversation with it. Use your pics as a guide.

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Twitter restricts you to 140 characters. We all know that! Here’s a thing … restrict your own content to around 100 characters. Why? You want others to RT you and add their own spin, right? They can’t if there’s no space! Some keys are to be friendly and personable. Use short links (like or or so your tweet looks neat, and saves space.

Include at least one hashtag, and ask questions to illicit replies. Do this, and voila! In no time at all you will be getting engagement from your followers. Did you know, you can also include pics in your tweets now? Watch the sizing though – its not the same as Facebook!

Check out some examples of how we do it. Click on this pic and RT us while you’re at it!



If you’re creating content for Instagram, the secret is to keep your text short, but allow for 11-16 hashtags that relate to whatever you are marketing. Did you know you can also tag your location … which is an excellent idea to pull followers from your immediate vicinity. These could very well walk into your store! The big thing with Instagram is your use of compelling pics. Go ahead, dolly them up with the various filters and apps available to do so. Loads of fun!

Loving our examples? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Click on this pic, follow us and enjoy the fun!



For LinkedIn, be sure to have a concise one to two-line message that is personable, yet professional. Avoid using content that is not career or motivation oriented. Nobody cares about your birthday party or what you had for dinner. This is a career and work platform so use content that benefits your career.

You might want to ask industry-related questions, or share industry news and views. When using links, ensure these too are short-form, and by all means use a career-appropriate pic to compliment what you say.

On LinkedIn you can go a step further … you can publish an article similar to how you would write a blog. Only here you can show them what you’re made of, with short, impactful, and pertinent things about your career. You can turn yourself into the expert by doing this. You’ll be surprised how much feedback and recognition you will gain in your particular field.

We’re directing you to our Founder’s LinkedIn Page here, so you can learn from the best!



Content for Blogs

Your blog is your voice! No need to fake it here, or get all formal and worry about grammar and punctuation. Be real here. Write content in a conversational tone and let your personality shine through. People read blogs for your views and opinions. They don’t always need facts and data – they can get that from Wikipedia if they have to. Where you are using sources to lend credibility to your views, then indicate the source, or otherwise hyperlink a key word or phrase to the particular source.

Employ the use of stories for your blog. Not once upon a time stories! Real life stories, experiences you’ve had. Keep your sentences short though, so it can read fast. Engage people with your ideas. When you consistently express your views and opinions about something, you automatically become a kind of expert on that topic.

How’s it done in practice? Take a look at our blog.



Content for your website

Need to convert those leads into sales? This is where you do it. Your website content must be clear and consistent with what you are offering. It must also be informative. Those leads landing on your website need more info than what they get on the other platforms, so give it to them! Make your content action-based, so people know how to do business with you … you know, use phrases like Buy now, Download this, register here, Contact us, Visit us, get your quote … understand? Direct them where to go and what to do.

Be sure to also share the unique features of your products and services; let them see what other customers are saying about you, share experiences. Vital is your CTA’s – your Calls to Action. Action your leads, and make it easy for them to communicate with you, and to learn more. Keep them clicking on links that will navigate them all around your website, and even to your blogs and social media platforms. Keep them engaged, ask them for their details so you can get back to them.

Did you learn from and enjoy this blog?

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