What the Analysis Includes:

  1. Competitors Analysis Framework Explained
  2. List of Top Competitors
  3. Website Metrics
  4. Social Media Metrics
  5. Qualitative Digital Marketing Metrics
  6. SWOT Analysis
  7. Competitors Online Performance Chart
  8. Benchmarking for Future Analysis


The analysis determines how much digital market share each competitor has and what their strategy is. This phase is mandatory to accurately measure, determine and benchmark towards the creation of a fresh digital marketing strategy for your brand to make professional impact that steers effective brand building and to achieve strategic objectives.

Example on Website Metrics

This facet is necessary to audit and evaluate  competitors global and local website popularity  ranking including other technical elements that  contribute to or weaken their website success.


  • Digital Strategy Evaluation which includes a  scoring method to determine the inclusion or absence of a Strat-plan, other technical advantage points are analysed such as social media integration, lead-generation tactics and so forth.
  • Branding Aesthetics are determined through scoring method to gauge the standard and quality being used.
  • Important Observations are noted about what your competitors are doing on their websites.
  • Basic Website SEO report is conducted which includes top 5 keyword searches in use which are directing traffic to the competitor’s website.

Example on Social Media Performance Audit

This indicates community size on social media  channels, brand content strategy, content media used, regularity, quality and public engagement to brands core messaging. We conduct a Typo-metric analysis which evaluates within a 3-month period.

Furthermore, we study their regular calls to messaging action,  typical content tactics, content distribution and so forth.