Purpose: To Create and optimise a Linkedin profile for business performance.


  • The professional becomes a brand touch-point.
  • Qualitative brand building in a pool of decision makers that LinkedIn offers.
  • Ambassador becomes a trusted thought leader in their professional space and industry influencer.
  • Opens opportunities for more business as the brand becomes the “Go-To Brand” in their industry.

A professionally aesthetic and optimised LinkedIn profile is the best global business card especially when the professionals profile is populated with branded industry content. The profile is used as a tool for lead-generation and brand building by providing valuable article information.

Example on how this process works:

Option A – Once Off/ Set-Up

  1. Client send through current personal branding and professional photo.
  2. We create 2 professional look and feels with 6x blog images to accompany the look and feel.
  3. TOP 10 client skills are identified versus what is current on their profile, if any.
  4. Client provides 5-7 names of business influencers that they admire.
  5. Client advises on 6 blog post topics that they will write OR we can write on behalf of the client.
  6. The profile will be optimized for keyword efficiency, marketing breadcrumbs and to conform with LinkedIn best practices.
  7. We will upload different types of rich media to populate the LinkedIn profile strategically versus the main brands objectives.
  8. We will export your connections CSV document and convert it to a traditional excel spreadsheet. This will become your live LinkedIn database that can be worked with strategically for business development.

Option B – Monthly Retainer

  1. We continue nurturing the profile to perform at its optimum and for the client to rank amidst most popular similar professionals within their industry with the intention for them to rank within the first 5 most popular.
  2. We design 6 blog images in keeping with the social identity and new blog topics.
  3. Blog content is written by Onyx Digital or the client may provide it.
  4. Blog are published weekly or 2x weekly dependant on the best traffic periods on LinkedIn.
  5. Monthly performance report is provided.