Facebook Do Not’s on brand pages, mistakes can cost you severely

Facebook Do Not’s on brand pages, mistakes can cost you severely.

Facebook has very strict terms of service (TOS) and sadly they are not always taken seriously enough especially for commercial use. A lot of brands are still violating the TOS and if caught can lose their entire brand presence on the popular social network.

Facebook has started to clamp down on “brands who do not listen” the end result being the brand page is completely deleted. Just imagine all the hard work spent, advertising and reputation going down the tubes? Imagine the disappointment from your fans in missing your daily updates and chaos in trying to reopen another brand page and getting the same people who were loyal to the brand on a previous page back onto another new one – not so easy! Who needs a disaster like that? Follow the rules and continue enjoying the benefits that Facebook has to offer for both your social business and for your fans who determine your success.

If your social media is in-house or outsourced ensure that whoever is doing your community management fully understands the terms of service in utilising this social network. A greedy mistake could cost your business severely.

Here are some common mistakes that brands are currently making:

Facebook cover image space is great but …. DO NOT ADVERTISE THERE! It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome competition running or current specials on your products or services, if you are reported by random users or if Facebook find out your page will be deleted. Rather run a smart Facebook ad campaign with a clear call to action to market your message better, there are so many ways to get your message heard. Find out more about their advertising guidelines.

Don’t be tempted into creating or keeping a personal profile format for your brand instead of a proper brand page.
It seems like a great idea for many in reaching and having more friends connected to your brand instead of paying for advertising in getting fans to like your page. Sure, you can even select and converse with others at your own will and engage at large but DON’T DO IT! Facebook will delete your profile and all your time and effort would of been in vain. There are still a great number of brands doing it including social media service providers which is scary but nonetheless know the risk and migrate with speed, it’s just not worth it.

If you would like to know more about best social media practices and doing things right, contact me and I will be happy to help steer your brand in the right direction.

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