Get trained in social media marketing

Get trained in social media marketing

Does your business need to go social? Or, have you taken the leap BUT are feeling lost?

Have a look at the below questions, and if you have answered NO to even 1 of the questions then you should attend social media training.


12 Questions to think about:

    Do you have a social media strategy?
    Do you know what type of content to create?
    Do you know your target market?
    Do you know what social media management tools you should utilize?
    Do you know which recommended and authentic websites to purchase from, job related?
    Do you know what makes your audience resonate with your messages?
    Do you know how to handle different types of online customers?
    Do you know how to effectively practice social media etiquette?
    Do you know how to efficiently manage your social media presence?
    Do you know what types of conversations to have?
    Do you know how to operate social media sites on an advanced level?
    Do you know how to become a thought leader and industry influencer?


Benefits of social media training with Onyx Digital 

    • Our training is so much more than just social media marketing, it gives solid meaning and a deeper perspective into what makes an excellent social media presence that is engaging and compelling. It’s all about communication; find out how to effectively bolt marketing onto daily conversation without becoming an annoying and uninteresting brand


    • You can either make it or break it; it is highly recommended that before you invest largely into social media costs at least ensure you are equipped with as much knowledge as possible to make strategic decisions and to cast better judgement on the different elements that occur in social media.


    • Our training workshops have been carefully developed to add optimum value and to provide a comfortable environment in which delegates can relax and learn. We provide everything that is needed, guiding people in business to take the right actions and to make better decisions in achieving their online objectives.


    • Delegates attending training courses can be assured that our training models are based on tried and tested methodologies that have been successfully implemented and used across the board.


    • In providing various online services ourselves, we can share our knowledge and experience because we understand and know how it all works.


    • We do 1-on-1 coaching and group training.


    • Tailored training solutions to corporate companies. Our training is available nationally in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


    • We provide 30 days telephonic and email post-course support.

Get more information

For more information, please download our signature course brochure – Social Media for Business and email us . One of our friendly consultants will telephone you to explain everything you need to know.

See our list of upcoming workshop training for the remainder of the year.

Create a solid and impactful social media presence. Be confident and get people talking. Join us in our next training session.

See you there!

Blog by Daniela Bascelli

Daniela Bascelli (Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist | Trainer at Onyx Digital Team). Follow Daniela on Twitter: @danielabascelli and follow the team @onyxdigitalteam. For more information on our upcoming social media training and service offerings, please contact us.


About Onyx Digital Team

The Onyx Digital Team is a group of social media and digital experts based in South Africa, dealing with local and international companies. We are available for global strategy consulting and training to assist clients in creating meaningful and interactive online relationships, adding value to their customers. With vast digital and social recruitment experience we have also become the “go to marketing strategists” in creating compelling online campaigns for launches and advertising. We also arrange social media teams at events to create content for social networks for added publicity and exposure.

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