Hashtag Etiquette – Keeping Things Simple

Hashtag Etiquette – Keeping Things Simple

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So often we hear from executives that they want to use Twitter but are very intimidated by it. The truth is, many people are uncertain how to use a hashtag and don’t know how to integrate their brand into the social structure of Twitter by applying best practices.  This infographic keeps things simple and clear, and if one can apply just some of these basics you can be well on your way to  becoming involved in the social scene of this amazing and very powerful micro blogging social network.



#donotstringtoomanywordstogether. You can put multiple words together (be sure to omit spaces if you do), but keep it short and capitalize the first letter of each new word to make it easier on the eyes.

#Do #not #tag #every #word. People will lose track of what you’re saying, and quickly move on to a less cluttered post.

Don’t jump on a trend without actually relating your post to the topic.

Just because you want to spread brand awareness doesn’t mean you should include a tag surrounding the latest celebrity gossip.

Avoid overusing descriptive synonym tags at the end of a post.

i.e. #my2cents #idea #thought. Adding a hash will make the keyword that follows it a link. If there’s not a valid reason for further describing your post and aligning it with a topic. It seems messy and unnecessary.


-Hashtags can certainly help and here’s how-

Create your own discussion and host a chat

Keep the #ChatName short so people can include it in each post and view the whole conversation as it’s happening by clicking on the #ChatName.

Jump in on a conversation already happening

You can increase exposure by posting about a trending topic. Just be sure you’re clear on what the #trend really is – do some research on the topic before associating your post with it.

Align yourself with your industry and products

Search the social networks for a #keyword and see what’s already being said about it. Then use that “keyword” in your post or ad to increase your exposure.

Promote your events

An event-specific hashtag can work wonders for your marketing efforts. Promote the event, tag real-time posts, and crowd source photos.

Inject some humour

Hashtags can be used as punch lines from time to time, but doing it too often (or stringing too many words together) can be overwhelming on the eyes. Have fun, but keep it simple.

Use proper spelling

Note from the Author: *Please note that the infographic statistics are not updated and that hashtags are no longer applicable on LinkedIn.

Lets get talking, what other etiquette tips do you think should be added to this?

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