Is social media content being cheapened

Is social media content being cheapened?

The constant strive to create and deliver quality content is a goal for any brand and moreover to get their communities engaged. It generally is a paramount goal, a dream come true and a worthwhile quest given the objectives of social media.

But, with this constant desire are brands not cheapening their reputation and disregarding quality vs a desperate attempt to get people talking? How far will most brands go to achieve this without tarnishing their online reputation and appearing less than what they really are? Being trendy and vibey on social media does not mean being unprofessional in any way. There is always a way to deliver quality being up tone and human about it.

Has bronze over gold already taken its course where just about anything will go even if it’s irrelevant to the brands industry to get likes, comments, shares and retweets. Is the confusion over topics of conversation leading objectives astray by misfiring on a specific topic and not bearing in mind the fans and followers who have followed a brand specific to that industry.

If this is what is happening with your social media presence – Stop! Don’t be fooled. Lower quality will not get you the return of influence you want nor will it convince most that you are an industry leader.

It’s all about your strategy, how you have identified the type of content you should be producing and the tone of your presence accompanied  importantly by your online goals.

With the universe of sharing content and a brands objective to accomplish virality of those pieces, really – what is the use if it’s landing on the wrong type of pages and actually putting off your niche or targeted public.

It is so easy to unfollow or unlike a page…. Why take the chance by scaring away the real Macoy’s in your fan base? Granted the (debate)…. Its not always about the actual people following you but the people within their communities. Again, what is the point if your content is not going to strike a note with them?

How will you get your target audience engaged? You need to speak their language in smart ways. Messages that will resonate with the majority without compromising your brands identity.

Know Thy Audience! and they will begin to know you and come to rely on your content. However, if your audience is packed with bought fans and followers know that results will be bleak unless you make attempts at bringing in more of qualitative public to become part of your fan bases.

Content must be relative to become a thought leader – don’t forget why you are using social media to reach in the first place. It is fun but also a constant challenge to deliver optimum to receive back.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry, what you seek will eventually become.

Have you noticed a decline in the standard of content being shared? Please share your thoughts.

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