Is your website mobile friendly_It should be!

Is your website mobile friendly? It should be!

Did You Know?

South Africans spend more time on their mobile phones than they do watching TV, listening to radio, or reading newspapers and magazines. Source: DMMA

Mobile lifestyles affect the way people think and conduct business. Having a smartphone and using it has become an ordinary part of life.


Why should you care?

The mobile landscape has increased in traffic at a rate faster than you can imagine. Professional life is fast paced and almost everything needs to be connected to the internet.

We have steered towards an evolution of technology that has been mobilized for quite a while already and now it’s here to stay! People understand how to use mobile technology to better manage their digital lifestyles therefore  your business should adapt to what technology is being used. Think about it this way, your online strategy needs to integrate with “ON THE MOVE TECH”.


Where do you need to begin?

Your company website needs to be responsive! This means that if your website has responsive design it can adjust to various screen sizes.

Responsive web design is a web design technique which crafts sites to provide an optimal viewing experience with user friendly navigation and easy reading ability to users on the site. It’s all about the “USER EXPERIENCE”.


Our brand has been around forever! This will never happen

Not so! View the video for a tiny glimpse at how irritating online users get when accessing websites from their mobile devices. This is one example of many where the concept remains the same (people get frustrated) and go somewhere else.



Who can help us?

We can. Contact us for more information so we can get your business to start improving its value in the digital space.

Blog by Daniela Bascelli

Daniela Bascelli (Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist | Trainer at Onyx Digital Team). Follow Daniela on Twitter: @danielabascelli and follow the team @onyxdigitalteam. For more information on our upcoming social media training and service offerings, please contact us.

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The Onyx Digital Team is a group of social media and digital experts based in South Africa, dealing with local and international companies. We are available for global strategy consulting and training to assist clients in creating meaningful and interactive online relationships, adding value to their customers. With vast digital and social recruitment experience we have also become the “go to marketing strategists” in creating compelling online campaigns for launches and advertising. We also arrange social media teams at events to create content for social networks for added publicity and exposure.


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