New Business Starter Packages

These packages are highly competitive and of the highest standard. All associated elements of the project we create and manage for your new business are quality checked by a pre-selected internal creative and strategy team.

Depending on your new business type, an example of an assisted package for your new business may be the following.


Example 1.

E-Commerce Based Business

1 – Website 1

The intention of the brochure website will be to profile the Founder and Business Owner of the new business.

This website will comprise a minimum of 5 main pages with a blog to ensure the digital asset is setup for adequate business information purposes, security and for performance on Google. Onyx Digital will advise and guide the client on best practice to reach business objectives through the development phase of this website.


2 – Website 2

The e-commerce (shopping) website will comprise the necessary website strategy components to be fully optimised for aesthetic and search engine performance. The website layout will be set as briefed and discussed with the client. Onyx Digital will again advise and guide the client on best practice to reach business objectives through the development phase of this website.

This website will comprise the necessary amount of pages, web-strategy functionality, good user experience, security and compelling display to ensure the digital asset is setup for an excellent user experience, performance on Google, and to achieve the business objectives as set-out by the client.


3 – Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Onyx Digital will create and design the necessary social media foundation geared for best practice, purpose and performance. A social media identity kit will be created and designed in the form of visually compelling templated in collaboration with the client graphic designer partner (if required).

If the client has an existing branding environment, that will be manipulated for beneficial use when creating the social media identity kit which will be used on the identified social networks for marketing purposes.

Your assigned social media team at Onyx Digital will manage the brand content for distribution and use on social networks for a three (3) consecutive month period. This piece of the project will be referred to as Phase 2 and will occur once Website 1 is completed and Website 2 is being designed.

Focus and priority must be given to building the brands power gradually on social media and extending reach to other social networks ONLY once basic objectives have been accomplished on a max of 2 – 3 social networks. This content will be visible on the agreed social networks until they have become strong pillars in the client’s social media web environment.

A monthly social media performance report will be issued to the client on a monthly basis until this phase is completed.


4 – Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Onyx Digital will create and design a digital marketing strategy geared for good prospect and customer journey, and related performance for the new business. A full digital and electronic media presence will be created and implemented for the client.

We will create and manage the digital strategy elements for a three (3) consecutive month period.

The starting points of this strategy are the websites that are required to be designed and developed with immediate effect, referred to as Phase 1 of these project types.

In contrast, the other necessary components will be set into place during the agreed timeframes and the entire online strategy will be launched thereafter. A marketing campaign is usually recommended to boost the launch of the new business.


5 – Training and Consulting

Training and coaching will be facilitated with the client during the project period to empower the client digitally in understanding as much as possible to effectively run and manage the new company online.

Our promise to you

Onyx Digital takes pride and care in all committed services. Our client relationships extend to years of service provider partnership, of which some relationships have existed for 6+ years with small, medium and large JSE listed companies where bonafide results have been obtained. Referrals from such companies may be requested from managing members concerned, if necessary.

We apply excellence and the X-Factor wherever possible to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

In the spirit of distinguished and experienced client care we promise regular feedback in the form of verbal, electronic and face to face communication.

A similar package may be applied to a business updating their existing online infrastructure. We secure a bulk package offer which includes varied components. This attracts competitive pricing resulting in major cost savings for the client in exchange for high-quality products and services.