These monthly packages are value for money and of the highest standard. All associated elements pertaining to effective and successful social media marketing are encompassed in the clients marketing program which is considered a monthly retainer.

A selected internal marketing and strategy team will be created to suit the clients individual and industry needs to ensure academic suitability which is crucial to the foundation of the marketing plan.

Your selected team will create and manage your brands online content for distribution and use on social networks.

A monthly social media performance report will be done and submitted in order for the client to evaluate the social marketing effectiveness and return of investment in the program.

We recommend an average of 9 to 12 months to realize major benefits of our marketing plans. In this it is essential to remember that additional budget needs to be allocated to actual social media campaigns which include advertising on related social networks et al.

Checklist on retainer

  • Social Media Marketing and Communications
  • Quality Content Creation (Visual Content is Designed) and (Copy is Created)
  • Daily Uploads on Social Media (except on weekend unless arranged otherwise)
  • Community Management
  • General Platform Monitoring and Moderation
  • Social Conversations and Discussion Baiting
  • Fast and Efficient Online Client Care
  • Basic Online Reputation Management
  • Monthly Performance Analytics Reporting
  • Including Competitor Performance
  • Monthly Strategy Review and Recommendations
  • 1 x Monthly Meeting (3 hours) Venue or Skype (unless arranged otherwise)