Social media training is essential for business

Social media training is essential for business

Well most of us know how to use social media, progessing these mediums for business use takes on different viewpoints and tactics.

I know I am stating the obvious but it is apparent when brands do not have social media strategies in place nor content strategies. If you look at platforms where various customer relationship management is applied, it is evident that there is lack of training. Some brands do respond quickly and effectively, some now and again – and a biggie I have noticed is that they just hit the “Like” button when you do comment.

More than ever before the way a brand behaves on social media is critical. Response rates must be quick, quality content and a good understanding of the technology behind the various social media understood.

Before your company spends thousands of rands investing in social media software management programmes and so on, ensure that you have been on proper training to make more informed decisions and to better evaluate what would be best in your brands social media efforts.

There are numerous things you need to know before you setup your social media presence and being armed to your teeth can only help.

Our training methods are unique, professional and a lot of fun. We can train 1 on 1 or in groups and it doesn’t end there. Your company employees need to know what they can do to be successful online brand ambassadors and we can show them how.

Get trained and do social media like a PRO!

Blog by Daniela Bascelli (Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist | Trainer at Onyx Digital Team). Follow Daniela on Twitter: @danielabascelli and follow the team @onyxdigitalteam. For more information on our upcoming social media training and service offerings, please contact us.


  • Ryan Hogarth

    Well said Daniela and all the more important as social plans move out of “just marketing” to the rest of the organisation – since everyone has a marketing hat to wear in our connected, social world. well said.

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