Social Media Service Offerings

Social Media Marketing needs to form part of your business strategy. Want to do it right? The Onyx Digital Team offer a full social media services solution to help you every step of the way.


Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We create unique and compelling social media campaigns. From new product launches, video marketing, mobile advertising right through  to social recruitment campaigns. We research all necessary whichever your industry, product or service and deliver great results with Chutzpah! Read More

Social Media Strategy and Training

We create good social media strategies together with all the tools and techniques you need to be successful online. Our staff training covers all facets of social media. This allows for confidence and gives rise to your staff to make improved online decisions that will have a positive impact on your business. Corporate training sessions are tailored to client specific.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Understanding all aspects of your business we develop a well suited social media strategy and assist with implementation and support. If preferred, our full day to day management function means we become your voice and ears and we manage your online communities as if we were one of your team. We manage all social media platforms that may include customer service, content management and PR Crisis when necessary.

Social Media Brand Page Design and Setup

Setup or revamp for brands which includes all major social networks. We design and develop your social media interface to represent your brand complete with all the bells and whistles. Every piece of social media real estate your brand is represented in should be utilized as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Community Management

We strategize, engage and spark meaningful conversation that connects with your audience. It’s all about building relationships, being transparent and building trust with your audience. We create communities with Buzz!

Content Management

Content is King and the correct content will attract user engagement and retain interest. Once we completely understand our client’s culture, objectives and industry we research and formulate a content strategy that aligns with both the client and their target audiences. Content must provide value, and understanding this key ingredient in your social media success we can manage and create dynamic custom content that resonates with your existing client base and prospective targeted public. To be recognized as a thought leader and industry influencer your content must add magic to your marketing mix.

Competitors Analysis

Do you really know how your competitors are performing? Do you want the cutting edge that sets you apart? Stop the guess work and get a real digital competitors analysis. It is mandatory that before any social media strategy is done that you find out what your competitors are doing and how you can set your brand apart as an industry leader. We carry out a comprehensive assessment and analysis which indicates your competitor’s strategy and overall online performance.


An important fundamental in adding value to your target audience, increasing your online visibility through organic search results and creating linkable content. Online users may subscribe to your blog and receive an email whenever you have posted a new blog. This not only keeps you in touch with avid fans who enjoy your content and prospects, but also gives you great opportunity to build a qualitative database of public who have opted in. Google will love you for the fresh and educational content published on your updated blog and rank you higher in search results. We create compelling content on your behalf and can manage your blog.