South African Social Community Success! Kan Jy Nog Onthou

South African Social Community Success! Kan Jy Nog Onthou?

The latest South African diamond in the patch is definitely (Kan Jy Nog Onthou?) This is a great community page which takes you on a trip down memory lane. It’s a fantastic example of content that strikes a note and what it can bring. This is one Facebook page you will definitely want to take a look at and “like”. But first, let’s go a bit behind the scenes before I give you amazing facts and figures that this page has managed to obtain in such a short space of time.

I managed to get hold of the page owner who prefers to remain anonymous at this stage to learn more about the social successes of this page in such a short space of time and to put the page at the forefront of South Africans who may enjoy its dedicated contributions.

When did the page start and how did it start?

Well prepared with an archive of already collected pics of memories, Friday the 31st of Aug 2012 the page was created. The page owner had about 200 friends on her personal Facebook profile and invited friends to “like” the page. Only 30 of them responded and clicked the like button.  From those 30 friends about 10 actively engaged by commenting, liking and sharing the posts.

What was the purpose behind creating the KJNO community page?

To make the Facebook experience more interesting for others and to have a “feel good page” for people in SA with similar memories in the 60’s to 80’s era’s.

What Facebook page inspired KJNO?

Africa, this is why I live here was a great inspiration. Over time the page owner of KJNO contributed to her favourite Facebook page and enjoyed every moment of it.

What sparked the KJNO concept?

Online doing some research the bottom pic of drive-inn speakers grabbed her attention and got her going on a very nostalgic trip down memory lane.  This is how the concept of KJNO was born.

How did the page get so many fans so quickly?

The engagement of approximately 10 Facebook fans snowballed in visibility to their friends and then friends of their friends but then what really made the page go viral were two particular pics;

The first was this pic which was posted about one week after the page was created. The update read “Like the pic if you ever swam in a farm dam”. The pic got an amazing 22 758 likes! Since that update the page grew by approximately 1000 likes per day.

The second pic which was posted was of these Jaffles which got a whopping 17 099 likes!

What have been the favourite pics enjoyed by the community and likes received?

The roadhouse got 10 292 likes!

The old wired garden furniture got 9 453 likes!

The old fashioned nappy got 13 779 likes!

Most favourite personality got 10 795 likes!

Favourite old fashioned sweets got 4 952 likes!

  Favourite school memory got 7 885 likes!

These lamingtons got 14 260 likes!

Drinking condensed milk out of the can got 7 761 likes!

What are the successful actions in keeping this community content? 

Ear to the ground and listening to what the community have to say in posts and providing what they want. Of course *the community fan base* has in exchange determined the overall success of this page by engaging with it constantly.

How are the pics obtained?

Its about a 50/50 contribution by the page owner and the community sending in their pics.

What has been the most difficult memory pic to source this far?


Since less than 3 months ago, this Facebook page has gone from zero to 17,117 fans with 20,749 talking about it, this was when I last checked on 21 November 2012. That is outstanding and shows the absolute value in dedicated quality content (the cause) tailored to a specific audience and virality (the effect) that would have most social media managers toes curl.  This is pure success all in all with high levels of engagement.

Want to become part of the Kan Jy Nog Onthou community? Like the KJNO Facebook page and go check them out. It’s a fun filled trip down memory lane that really gets you thinking.

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