Power of a Tweetup _SavageSA Tour for Recruiters

Power of a Tweetup – #SavageSA Tour for Recruiters

What is a Tweetup? 

PC Mag Encyclopedia defines a Tweetup as a gathering of users brought together via Twitter, especially during a conference.  In the world of Twitter there seems amongst several authoritative sources, such as Techopedia and Urban Dictionary, no clearly defined and acceptable definition of the term Tweetup.

Geoff Livingston attempted the first alpha version of defining a Tweetup as “a chance for the local Twitter community to come together and meet face to face … and often leads to live tweetcasts of such events”. Quite simply, we define it as tweeting byte size snippets of information that highlight what a speaker says during an event, and rapidly engage outsiders not present in streams of conversation, drawing them in.

Pretty much like you would highlight parts of a text you study to expand your knowledge, so you would highlight what a speaker says whilst listening to what they have to say. It is precisely a Tweetup because those in the event tweet intensively during the event about it to others not there.

Greg Savage Tours South Africa – #SavageSA Tweetup

This tour was hosted by APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations) and the speaker was none other than the internationally acclaimed Recruitment expert, Greg Savage, founder of Firebrand Talent.

The Savage Truth Tour in South Africa was presented to Recruiters around the country during the 6th – 10th May 2013. The topic of the seminars was “Future Proof your Recruitment Career”. We found that a basic social media tweetup analysis sheds light on how to improve future performance across any range of industry, especially concerning Twitter, where Tweetups are popular.

Onyx Digital Team chose to observe the #SavageSA tour using the classic Content Analysis model as our methodological base from which to examine the empirical data at hand. Let’s just jump straight into the findings.

Types of Tweets

To summarise the Tweetup during the Tour hosted in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, of which event hashtag #SavageSA was used, the following types of tweets were noted:

  1. The Total Tweets exclude conversation and expanded Twitter strings on those tweeting.
  2. The Original Tweets are those tweets selected from the total tweets after having excluded tweets comprising remarks, praises, greetings, random comments, RTs and RTs of RTs.
  3. The Condensed Tweets are those tweets meaning one idea of a tweet said in many similar ways.

26% of the Tweets convey the message as well received, 9% of the messages are condensed tweets or if you like, 9% of what Greg Savage spoke about could be absorbed by outsiders to the event in real time. That is fairly good we think. The ideal scene would be to have the total tweets as original tweets meaning even more Twitter user interaction. If a speaker and host can work together to get this ideal scene, they can jointly expect a huge spike in the publicity of the event. Or if you like, Twitter would play its role as key influencer in drawing more people into any future events both speaker and host may engage in. Tweetups generate online buzz that add value and lend marketing awareness to names associated with such.

More than 300 recruiters attend the #SavageSA Tour

There was a total of more than 300 delegates that attended the #SavageSA Tour. 44 different Twitter users tweeted about the event of which a percentage were non-delegates engaging in the event, and who became increasingly interested in hearing more about what the Speaker had to say. This was very interesting to note.

The ideal scene in future should be to have many more tweeters. In fact, much more people should be tweeting as a % of the total delegates full stop. This indicates that the speaker’s audience is not as engaged in using Twitter as they should be. Speakers should encourage their delegates to tweet. For both speaker and host, it is vital to get as much coverage as possible through a Tweetup as both seek to increase influence, add value and get in more participation.

Tweet Categories pertaining to the Tweetup

All of the event tweets could be categorised and summarized into 13 useful information categories for the recruitment industry in South Africa.

These categories obviously indicate the topics that most interested the audience by way of tweeting during the Speaker’s talks.

  1. Recruitment Tips
  2. Social Media Tips
  3. Transformation
  4. Leadership
  5. Specialisation
  6. Care
  7. Hiring Recruiters
  8. Definition of Candidate
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Coaching
  11. Counter-Offers

The categories that received the most attention of tweets emphasise where debate is currently conducted in the relevant industry, which in this case is recruitment tips to improve business in that sector given the prevalence of social media. At the same time, it has been learned that the industry must transform itself through new leadership patterns that will harness the power of technology and social media and leverage its networks to tap into top talent required to maximise revenue earnings in the industry.

Benefits of this data to Speakers

  1. The speaker can benefit from this type of data in an Empirical Content Analysis of an event tweetup. This may be used to define future sub topics of speaker keynotes for relevant audiences.
  2. The speaker can gauge if the desired impact through the talk has caused delegates to action what was called for.
  3. Listen and learn from what the delegates tweeted about.
  4. All Speakers should have periodic Empirical Content Analyses conducted on social media to streamline future speaker keynotes.

Key Areas of Interest to Recruiters

These are the key areas that were highlighted during the seminars.

  1. The need by Recruiters to anticipate changing business environments, and how to handle these.
  2. This need is precipitated by the increasing use of social media, and the transformative impact both social media and technology have on recruitment in general.
  3. Leadership styles are also becoming more competitive due to the real-time fast-paced instant gratification that social media brings.
  4. A very definite gap has been recognised within the recruitment industry to segment it into areas of specialisation when marketing a recruiter brand.
  5. The latter is intrinsically linked to the type of recruiters that agencies employ.

An overwhelming and vital component that has come to light is the power that social media and technology have in shaping the future of recruitment, and that those not quite yet in the cultural fold of social media had better redefine the way they conduct business to be able to survive in a very competitive and fast-paced world.

The Conclusive Impact

It was noted that several Recruiters regretted not attending the seminars and expressed great eagerness to register for future events presented by Greg Savage. He has certainly made an impression in the South African Recruitment Industry and has given valuable guidance in how to future proof a recruitment business.

Qualifying the type of content being consumed by SA Recruiters overall APSO have created a new Twitter hashtag called #recruiterlessons where takeaways from seminars and other types of relevant advice can be found on Twitter.  – All of this because of the information tweeted and consumed throughout the Greg Savage seminars. It was seen and heard. Check out Greg’s blog, “The Savage Truth”.

A big applause to everyone who tweeted especially Natalie Singer for arranging this successful event with Greg Savage and constantly adding remarkable value to the South African Recruitment Industry.

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