The social media mix and your budget spend

The social media mix and your budget spend

So now you are on social media, perhaps you have a social media strategist employed at your organisation or you are outsourcing this function. Or perhaps you are eager to setup your social media presence but do you really understand what budget spend you need to set aside? Either way no matter the budget being spent towards a social media strategist you have to further allocate budget spend towards the tools to use for a successful social media presence.

This is the low down on it and the positive effect it will have in your social media message.

There is no ignoring it you do need to advertise intermittently to say “Hi, I am here!”
Low Following Let’s look at numbers like 86 or even 450. If that is the following of fans you currently have then you are wasting a lot of valuable content and time. You need a much higher and qualitative following base to extend your reach and to have more engagement happening on your page.
Enormous following and no engagement It’s a fact that an enormous following is not the measure of success unless you are Pitbull or Coca Cola, in which case that is to be expected. The why is simple, a lot of individuals and some brands have tens of thousands of fans and millions, some of which have been bought and you ask so what? Imagine a page with a following of 36,000 or 142,000 fans with very low engagement. That could seem quite bleak, pointless and clearly spells unqualitative following base even if your content is brilliant.

Jump aboard the content wagon, produce good content and never look back. You need to allocate time and resource to content curation and copywriting. You need a blogger! High quality content is your diamond and without it you will not sparkle. You need to spark meaningful and valuable conversation to  attract and build relationships which is the objective of social media resulting in leadership, high influence and customer loyalty.

Add digital flavour to your social media marketing and invest a bit in video production. Video distribution all the way! Whether it is digitally produced or actual film production,
nothing spreads faster and is consumed better than a You Tube video, and no, it doesn’t cost heaven and earth.

Be different and do it right, create your own images by design and photograph and be proud. Good graphics and photographs create a real and great visual experience which creates interest and holds substance. No, you shouldn’t grab images from Google and simply post them on your platforms, what about copyright? Do you really want to have the same images that millions of other users have already seen in Google search results?

Find out what your target audience want, be creative and show them you have what it takes. Competitions and giveaways are necessary from time to time. Remember, keep the fun in social media, gain fans and loyalty. It doesn’t need to cost millions but a breakaway or a decent smartphone will get you a long way.

Lastly, dont forget – don’t be so serious! Corporates, you are in a social environment. By all means uphold your brand image, retain your professionalism but have loads of oomph and personality!

Blog by Daniela Bascelli (Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist | Trainer at Onyx Digital Team). Follow Daniela on Twitter: @danielabascelli and follow the team @onyxdigitalteam. For more information on our upcoming social media training and service offerings, please contact us.

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