Twitter and the powerful hashtag

Twitter and the powerful hashtag

If you are a newbie to Twitter and find the use of hashtags in front of specific words a nightmare just learn how to do it and you will be well on your way.

Why is there a hashtag!? A hashtag is essentially a search symbol. It is meant to reference a particular topic or event.

So, just how should you use it? Always place a hashtag in front of a keyword of the tweet you would like to be placed in Twitters search engine results and for other users to understand what your tweet is about. If you are not sure about the keyword you want to use just type it into the search bar, see what comes up and keep at it until you find what keyword is commonly used for the topic you want to tweet about.

This is incredibly powerful and allows you to put your thoughts in front of the Twitterverse when they are searching for tweets containing this keyword giving you real time power to get your message heard and you to be found. Keep your hashtags used in one tweet to a maximum of two if you really have to but try for one.

A lot of times you can see that a user hardly engages however their following increases, a large part of that is due to them being found by other users who have followed them because of the hashtag they are using. They are interested and want more of the content you are tweeting about.

Many underestimate the power of Twitters search engine and if you can tap into that with a bit of logical sense you will experience one of the best features of this amazing social network.

One example is looking for a job. Besides Linkedin, jobseekers love Twitter. Nowadays if you research and understand the keywords being used it’s not difficult at all to find out who is hiring and what advice they can give you in your jub hunt.

What are trending topics? Approximately two years ago Twitter introduced trending topics which gave users insight into what the world was talking about in real time. This is popular hashtags being used in mass that are categorised as a trending topic.

Twitter is fun and incredibly useful so come on, don’t be afraid, get Tweeting!

Blog by Daniela Bascelli (Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist | Trainer at Onyx Digital Team). Follow Daniela on Twitter: @danielabascelli and follow the team @onyxdigitalteam. For more information on our upcoming social media training and service offerings, please contact us.

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